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  • Great questions to Answer !

    Are you looking for a standard school for your children?
  • Do you want your children to be great, succeed and make it in life?
  • Do you want to lay a solid foundation for your children education?
  • If your answers to these great questions are yes, then you must register your children into Cornerstone Model Schools, Ugbomoro, Effurun.
  • Cornerstone Model Schools, Okuatata, Ugbomoro, Effurun, Delta state, Nigeria is an approved Government Schools for nursery, primary and secondary education.

20 Nuggets

  • 1. Reading and writing- Your child in KG will be proud of himself that he can read and write. A lot of pupils these days cannot read then, why do they go to school?

  • 2. Computer literacy- We live in computer age, your child will acquire basic computer knowledge to make him/her computer literate.

  • 3. Moral training- Moral imperatives that will make your child to avoid youthful restiveness are part of school curriculum.

  • 4. Low School fees- Our school fees are very low and affordable.

  • 5. Academic excellence- We have a track record of high academic excellence that will make your child excel. If you want your child to excel, succeed, and make it in life, Cornerstone is the right school to attend to achieve the aim.

  • 6. Competence- Your child will acquire the requisite competence to compete with pupils all over the world .

  • 7. Future challenges- We prepare our pupils to pass at first attempt any external examination.

  • 8. Well Baking- Our pupils are well baked and grounded to meet post primary and post secondary demands.

  • 9. Early Graduates- When your children enroll early in our school, they will graduate at a younger age.

  • 10. Coaching class- Our coaching class bridges the gap between low potential pupils and high potential pupils and students. Most pupil coming to enroll in CMS are slow learners that we need to bring up to fast learners by developing other learning techniques: activists, theorists, reflectors and pragmatists in them.

  • 11. School bus- We have school buses to take your child to and fro the school compound.

  • 12. Breakthroughs- Cornerstone model school is a solution to your child excellent academic breakthroughs.

  • 13. Scenery school environment- The school permanent site is located in a good place conducive to learning.

  • 14. Facilities- Facilities such a library, audio virtual aids, play materials , laboratory equipment are available for your children education.

  • 15. World class leaders - We don't just teach them alone but train your child to become future leaders of tomorrow in various sphere of life.

  • 16. Great Confidence – We build great confidence into our children so that they can defend their certificates. As the children pass through the school , the school also pass through them.

  • 17. Fulfilment - Cornerstone Model Schools prepare your children to fulfil their life dreams which encompasses them to be great, succeed and make it in life.

  • 18. Good culture- Culture of writing examination without cheating in exam is built into your children. Any child that can pass our internal external is good and will definitely do well in external without cheating or be a part of any exam malpractices.

  • 19. Role Model – Your child will be a role model in the society and community where the find themselves.

  • 20. Component Model- We use the five component model to bring your child to world class standard.

News & Events

Code of Conduct


(i) Pupils must be punctual to school everyday. The school resumes each day at 7:45 a.m. Monday to Friday. Morning Assembly starts at 8.00 a.m. everyday.
(ii) KG pupils close at 12 noon while primary pupils close at 1.00 p.m. All secondary students close at 2.00 p.m. The period can be extended to give rooms for pupils to attend school lessons.


(iii) Pupils must wear the school uniforms and school  wears for Wednesday and Friday to the school.
(iv) Pupils are not allowed to make their uniform from home for Uniformity.
(v) When the first set of uniform from school get worn out, parents are
to pay for new sets in the school and the school will supply them to such pupils.

(vi) All the recommended textbooks, notebooks and writing materials must be provided for pupils before school re-opens each term and they are available at the school at reasonable prices.

(vii) Pupils must wear brown sandals with white stockings to school. The use of slippers is not allowed in the school.

(viii) Speaking of vernacular and Pidgin English is not allowed in the
school, the official language is English Language.

(ix) Pupils must be loyal, obedient, punctual, and dutiful to their work.

(x) Children whose living, character and behaviour are contrary to the mission and vision of the school may be asked to withdraw from the school.
(xi) Pupils must maintain low hair cut; Permed hair or the use of attachment/wig is not allowed.

Boarding House Rules